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I am so happy to meet you and to share with you about my journey of transformation and healing. It was through my own recovery from Fibromyalgia, Trauma and Addiction that I was led into the field of holistic healing and ultimately the path of becoming a shaman.

This journey actually began when I was 11 years old and found a book on Foot Reflexology in my Grandma Clara’s bookcase. I could have chosen The Joy Of Cooking or The Talmud, but for some reason, I was drawn to this book. This selection began my journey into the healing arts and revealed to me the awareness that we are all energetic beings and we within us hold the inner wisdom and ability of to heal ourselves.

When I was fourteen, I began to practice yoga and meditation. My cousin Vijay came home from India after studying with Osho. He had a glow about him that was so bright and different from the cousin I had known before. This led me to begin my own exploration into various types of meditation and yoga, a practice which I continue today over 30 years later.

These practices deepened my awareness on many levels and through them I began to develop my understanding of the interconnectedness of all things.

I spent the next fifteen years on my own spiritual and healing journey before stepping forth as a practitioner in the field of holistic healing in 1996. This journey was spurred on by two major challenges I faced.  At age 20, I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia,a relatively new term at that time.

I found little understanding and support from conventional medicine and so turned to my own quest for holistic and alternative solutions. I found that although I was told Fibromyalgia was a life sentence within 10 years I was symptom free for Fibromyalgia and I continue to be today 19 years later.

Part of my healing through Fibromyalgia led me to some very deep emotional and spiritual healing. After a number of years on my healing path, I found was 70 – 80% free from Fibromyalgia symptoms. I had done all I could do with nutrition, herbs & supplements, exercise, and holistic modalities like acupuncture, bodywork and reiki. I had even recovered enough to go from having dropped out of college due to my limitations such as extreme fatigue, body pain and depression to becoming thriving as a full-time massage therapist.

At that point, I imagined I would still have some bouts of Fibromyalgia and just manage through them with good self-care. Some curious things happened around that time. I had been in therapy for a number of years. I was aware I had some childhood challenges that stemmed from growing up with a parent with untreated mental illness. I tended to minimize those experiences and due to a physical accident that stirred my trauma response, I found myself led to several different healing modalities within one year.

I didn’t see the connection of these techniques but what I later came to understand was how they supported me in deep emotional and spiritual healing. This went far beyond anywhere therapy or other techniques had ever taken me. I finally able to access the deep rooted pain and trauma of my inner children. And I had great support in doing so. This time began another phase of my healing journey. It was over the course of that year, that I became 100% free of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia. I also began a journey of recovery through trauma and addiction that continues in my life today.

This journey ultimately led me to meet a shaman who helped me to find the keys to unlock the mystery of my essential self. I moved far beyond where I ever imagined I could go as someone who experienced so much trauma and abuse as a child. I thought I would never reach a time in my life when I was not defined by those experiences. If you asked me then, I could never imagine that I myself would be called to become a shaman, but that is where my own healing path has led me. It was in being willing (with incredible support) to travel into the darkest places of my being that I was able to find my inner light and reclaim the true essence of who I am.

Over the last decade, the shamanic path has become the foundation of my life and work.

At the core of this foundation is the awareness that everything is alive, has meaning and is interconnected through what shamans refer to as “the web of life”. For true change to occur it must happen in both our inner and outer worlds. For this reason, I offer programs to support deep transformational healing.

With over 20 years of experience in the field of Holistic Healing, I bring a variety of holistic resources and tools, with Shamanic Healing being at the heart of the programs I offer.

My vision is to support my clients in deep transformational healing and in cultivating their own unique process of self-facilitation for sustained growth and evolution through discovering the healer within.

I truly believe it is possible for each person to move beyond their personal challenges and limitations. And, to create a life of balance, joy and well-being that allows them to thrive rather than survive; and emerge to share their own unique gifts with the world.

Are you ready?

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