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Integrative Shamanic Healing

What Is Integrative Shamanic Healing?

Integrative Shamanic Healing is based on the ancient tradition of shamanism, which exists in all tribal cultures around the world. At its foundation, it holds that everything is alive, has meaning and is interconnected through what we often refer to as the web of life. For those of us living in a today’s modern world, shamanic healing continues to offer a powerful gateway for transformation, healing and personal growth.

Integrative Shamanic Healing can help to support the following areas of focus:

  • Accessing Your Essential Self
  • Adjusting Through Life Transitions
  • Relieving Anxiety & Depression
  • Moving Through Loss & Grief
  • Releasing Limiting Patterns, Feelings & Beliefs
  • Emotional & Energetic Sensitivity
  • Trauma & Abuse Issues
  • Addiction & Recovery Support
  • Relationship Building & Communication
  • Self-Care & Wellness
  • Spirituality & Personal Growth
  • Support For Chronic Pain & Illness
  • Actualizing Your Soul Purpose
  • Visioning Your Dreams

Integrative Shamanic Healing Sessions & Programs are customized and bring together a combination of approaches and modalities that support transformation and wholeness, with Shamanic Healing at the heart of it all. Sessions are collaborative! We work together to explore and uncover areas and issues of focus that will support your growth and well-being.

Additional Holistic Tools for Integrative 90-Minute Shamanic Healing Sessions and 60-Minute Energy Balancing Sessions may include:

  • Bach Flower Remedies
  • Holistic Self-Care
  • Zero Balancing
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Ceremony & Ritual
  • Lifestyle Restructuring
  • Energy/Body Therapies
  • PEER™ Emotional Energy Recovery
  • Bodybreath Healing
  • Recovery Coaching
  • Holistic Nutrition

In addition to my 20 plus years as a holistic practitioner and energy healer, I have spent the last 14 years devoted to training in shamanism and studying with teachers of various traditions. This path led me to apprentice with Shaman Ross Bishop, author of Healing the Shadow and Journey to Enlightenment.

After more than 10 years, I continue to apprentice today as this is the traditional path a shaman follows. Through this work, I have trained in a specific form of shamanic healing, which integrates inner child soul process work with the shamanic journey providing one of the strongest foundations for self-healing and transformation that I have experienced.

As in all shamanic work, this special technique connects us to our sacred wound – the illusion of separation from creation; and, it offers a unique tool to help us to return to our true nature of wholeness.

It supports us in connecting with their our inner ones (soul parts) working to build trust in oneself and source/god/creator (defined by your own belief system); and to understand how one’s life experiences are a guide for our growth and evolution. Additionally, this work offers a foundational process for facilitating your own process of transformation and healing in an ongoing way.

Here are some indications that Shamanic Healing may be beneficial:

  • Feelings of depression and/or anxiety
  • Physical or psychological trauma and/or PTSD like symptoms
  • Feeling a lack of wholeness or that some part of self is missing
  • Patterns of addiction and codependence
  • A feeling of being incomplete or empty inside
  • An inability to move past an issue or certain feelings
  • Low Self-Esteem and feeling of insecurity
  • Feeling stuck or unable to create desired changes in your life
  • Having memories or experiences in your past when you feel that you lost a part of yourself, that some part of you left or died
  • Feeling disconnected from life, like you don’t really feel anything, or feeling like you can’t connect to things and/or to your own bod
  • Experiencing feelings of dissociation
  • Needing to return to a relationship or a situation that seems unhealthy, even though you know it is unhealthy
  • Lost or missing memories, like a part of your history is “missing”
  • Longing for meaning or purpose in your life
  • A strong feeling that shamanic healing may help you

Wondering what happens during an
Integrative Shamanic Healing Session?

Each session is 90 minutes and will include 3 parts – Discovery, Process & Integration, as well as suggestions for continued practice. The first session involves a longer consultation and usually runs 90 minutes – 2 hours. It’s a time for me to get to know you and help you to identify core issues and areas of desired focus for our work together. It’s also a self-reflective process, helping you to know yourself more deeply and to access your soul’s deeper desire for healing.

Most of my clients begin with a Package of 3 Sessions. This gives us time to explore , reflect and create a foundation for how you can develop your own self-guided healing process in an ongoing way with continued support available as needed. That is my overall goal – to assist you in discovering the healer within!

Feel free to use the contact form below if you have questions or would like additional information on how Integrative Shamanic Healing can support transformation and healing.

Integrative Shamanic Healing Options:

  • 90-Minute Integrative Shamanic Healing Session ~ $150
  • Series of 3 Integrative Shamanic Healing Sessions ~ $400
  • A Year of Shamanic Healing / 12 Monthly Sessions ~ $1200 

Or, you can setup a Complimentary 30-Minute Soul Discovery Consultation to explore what’s possible!

Integrative Shamanic Healing Sessions are available in office in Annapolis, Maryland or via Phone or Skype.

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