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What Folks Say About Working With Beth…

“I started working with Beth in order to find ways to get clarity on issues that had me stumped. Her warmth and brilliant ability to hone in on the sources of the problems helped me figure out what was holding me back and gave me practical and effective tools to move forward. I highly recommend her to anyone who wants gentle healing support.” ~ L.I., Maryland
 “I came to work with Beth at a very low point in my life. I was consumed with grief and depression. She welcomed me and helped me to see some of the patterns and feelings I was experiencing more clearly. Through Shamanic Healing and other tools, I began to feel myself again. And, I learned how to connect with myself and my inner children – this has helped my self-confidence, my relationships with myself and others; and allows me to feel safe in the world in a way I never did before. I am so grateful for this process!” ~ B.H., Virginia
“Beth Terrence is mindful, gentle and authentic. She brings great integrity to her work, having “walked through the fire” in her own life. Beth is more than a healer. She stands with you in the situation, a powerful witness to transformation. Exquisitely perceptive and intuitive, Beth embraces you with understanding and compassion. As my inner child heals, I begin to see my life change. Beth’s words are eloquent, wise and true. I have received unexpected healing just from listening to her interviews.” ~ Martine, New Britain, CT
“Beth Terrence is an amazing guiding light with the unforced wisdom that comes through years of seeking truth in its many forms. The Bach Remedies are one of her many tools for opening you up to healing and growing into a more complete, peaceful, healthy being. Its amazing how her “prescription” for improved well being fostered a shift in perceptions and behaviors leading to greater daily satisfaction and joy.”
 ~ Carrie, Annapolis, MD
“I couldn’t believe my life could change so much in just 30 days. After struggling with anxiety for so long, I thought I would never find the relief I was longing for. Beth’s program helped me to understand how anxiety was showing up in all areas of my life. The intensive support helped me to change habits that weren’t working for me and to acquire techniques that help me to manage stress and feel less anxious. I really feel this program has given me a new beginning!” ~ R.J., Annapolis, MD
“I was having trouble sleeping, finding myself frustrated with my children, and unable to focus at work. Stress was ruling my life. A friend recommended I try Beth’s program and at first I was skeptical but through this 30 day process, I found a new lease on life. I am sleeping better, enjoying life and able to get more done with less stress. Creating a holistic toolbox that is unique for me was a key part of this change as well as building a self-care plan to carry me forward. The personalized aspect of this program was key for my success in creating change in my life.” 
~ M.F., Baltimore, MD
“Beth has one of the strongest visions and skill sets for bringing about organizational and individual change that I’ve witnessed. She has spent her career working with individuals and groups through the process of transformation and understands how to hold the space for real and deep growth, as well as how to facilitate the fierce and loving dialogues so desperately needed in the workplace and in all areas of life. Organizational leaders seeking to create shifts in overall culture and within teams and individuals for the purpose of increased effectiveness, transparency and purpose, can count on Beth to provide the skillful guidance required to foster a new paradigm and put it to work for results.” ~ Susan Bishop, Baltimore, MD
“After many years of using different modalities for self healing, the Bach Flower Remedies are one of the first and my favorites to use these days. I like to go straight to the source of the problems, and emotions are a huge part of it. You can’t get better if you don’t heal the emotions that made you sick or off balance. Beth Terrence’s workshop, The Bach Flower Remedies: A Tool For Transformation, gave me a deep understanding of each remedy, and provided me with great tools that allowed me to use the remedies efficiently and with confidence.”
~ Virginia, Gaithersburg, MD